Quality. People. Trust.

I saw this as one of the hero images on the microsoft.com home page. A hero image is a really big photo or ad that takes up a lot of space on a web page. I was intrigued by the message.

One of the hero images on the microsoft.com site.

“Quality products from people you trust”

I have several thoughts when I read that tag line but I won’t get in to them here.

[If you are a company and you have the word “quality” in your major advertising, that means you lack confidence in your brand (and / or) your product. “People” means that I’m supposed to try to identify with people I’ve never met as I continue to read that sentence, and “trust” presumes that I trust people who I don’t know and who have been the brunt of jokes for the past several years. Any-hoo.]

I realized there was an opportunity to help instead of just trashing, so I created this to replace it. Please be gentle in your evaluation and feedback. I am but a lowly software developer with an idea.

Russ Nemhauser's new idea for the same plug on the home page of the microsoft.com site.


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