LinkedIn – Anyone Home?

About 18 months ago my sister suggested I create a LinkedIn profile and build up my network, which I did over the course of about 10 months. Then I stopped using the site because it wasn’t giving me anything besides the opportunity to say that I have X number of people in my network. In addition, I had issues with the site in that its features seemed less than “well thought out”.It’s the better part of a year later and I have to say that as a user, I’ve noticed literally NO new features, changes, or modifications to the site. Perhaps that is because I have the lowest possible membership, which I’m willing to accept, but in almost a YEAR there are no noticeable changes and (at the same time) the problems with the site are still there?In today’s world of Facebook, MySpace, and the like, I find it curious that LinkedIn doesn’t appear to be keeping up. If anyone can prove me wrong I’m happy to admit it, but as John. Q. User (or Russ Nemhauser) I can’t say that I see anything new. 

One thought on “LinkedIn – Anyone Home?”

  1. It’s how I got recruited for my job (without LinkedIn, I might still be at Microsoft 🙂 ). I also continue to get solicited (which is nice, in case I start looking again someday) and I have personally used it to find and validate people I have hired. I’ve also used it to track where my freinds are after they move on to new jobs. At least for me, professionally, it kicks Facebook’s butt.


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