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Did I Find What I was Looking For?

Vista’s telling me that no items matched my search (when, in fact, there are actually items that match what I was searching for, but hey – whadaya gonna do).

Well if no items matched my search, why does Vista ask me if I found what I was looking for? Wouldn’t a better message be “Because Vista could not find any items matching your search, please choose from the following two options: (search within file contents and advanced, as shown below).

Search in file contents? Why the hell didn’t Vista do that when I clicked Start and then put my search string in the “Start Search” textbox on the start menu? I mean, what did Vista think I wanted to search? Just file names? How Windows 95-esque.

“Advanced” search? Why do I have to do an advanced search to find a simple file that is stored in plain ASCII text in a non-system folder?

I should add that it took Vista TWO MINUTES to complete the search where it didn’t even find what it should have found. I just got this brand new machine here at work on Friday. So the hard drive has very little spaced used on it in relation to its 150 GB size.

This is just an absolutely terrible implementation of [not] finding things on one’s computer. Rubbish. It’s like Microsoft made no progress at all on this in the past 10 years, and that’s a LONG time in the computer industry.


If I have a photo that is of higher resolution than my monitor, why is Vista too stupid to scale it down proportionally so I can see it as my desktop background without it being distorted?

Doesn’t it seem that something this trivial would have made it in to a product that took more than five years to create?

Vista SP1: Not What it Should Have Been?

I read three reviews today (and saw several more headlines when I Google’d “vista sp1 review”) that talked about the first service pack for Vista being – what amounts to, I suppose – nothing to get excited about. Don’t take my word for it, read the reviews for yourself. 

I just don’t get it. Now approaching what, SEVEN years in development and Vista STILL isn’t compelling? Microsoft has had over a YEAR to do SP1 and in some cases performance actually gets WORSE?

XP might not be the best thing in the world either, but at least I know what to expect from it because I’ve used it at work for so long. I was going to give Vista another shot when SP1 shipped, but now it looks like it’s just not worth the effort.

I remember when I first installed the Vista gold code. It was on a nice new machine, too. Within 28 hours I had reverted back to XP.