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Trust: A TiVo, a Spare Hard Drive, and a Good Guy

I own a Toshiba TiVo with built-in DVD burning, and it ships with a 120 GB hard drive. If you set your TiVo to record programs on the lowest possible quality (which is noticeable when you watch it), this amount of space is probably fine. However, when you want to record things at high quality (one level below “best” quality) the number of hours significantly decreases.

Following the instructions of Bum Wine, I replaced that 120 GB drive with a spare 250 GB drive that I had. I am happy to announce that by following his detailed instructions to the letter, everything went PRECISELY as he said it would, even though my TiVo uses IDE as opposed to SATA drives.

I love it when I discover people like Bum Wine who learn something, perfect it, and then choose to give it back to the public – especially when they have a talent for doing it in terminology that a lot of people can easily understand. 

On another note tied to the same subject, I am grateful that Linux provided the solution to copy ALL of my programs and settings from my original TiVo drive to the new blank one. I also must say, based on my experience, that it’s obvious why Mom & Pop are not adopting Linux as their OS. At this point in time, it’s truly for the tech-type user.

Thanks Bum Wine!