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Green Lantern

I saw Green Lantern today. I have been looking forward to this movie for a few months because the special effects looked cool and because I knew next to nothing about Green Lantern. It was an opportunity to see a popular super hero movie with a super hero I knew just two things about:

1. The guy’s power came from the ring.

2. There might be more than one guy with a ring.

From that perspective, my feeling on the movie is the following.

It was fun to be able to treat Green Lantern as a brand new hero to me (even though he was not a new hero to most other people). With that it was also fun to see the hero’s back story for the first time.

Unfortunately my own excitement to see a cool new super hero was completely overshadowed by a predictable and boring script. I say boring not because of the hero’s story, but because it was so formulaic. I felt like I knew every scene before it happened. Also, I hadn’t realized that I was going to a 3D show. Suffice it to say that because of those 3D glasses you have to wear, the whole movie seemed “gloomy” and dark and I actually found the 3D stuff distracting.

Much of Hollywood seems to feed into this type of execution. I hope it doesn’t last. If you’re going to do a super hero movie, perhaps setting Christopher Nolan’s Batman films as “the bar” would be a good place to start.