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ezCalcOn December 30th in Manhattan on an early-morning walk I was passing through Greenwich Village when I decided that I was going to set a goal for myself. I said I would design, develop and debug an iPhone application and then submit it to the App Store by January 31st.

I watched two courses on lynda.com by Simon Allardice by time I went to bed on January 4th, then I woke up Saturday and started coding. Sometimes I would need to refer back to the courses to refresh my memory, but I finished the app on January 10th. Then I took another course by Bill Weinman on how to release an app to the App Store. After work on Friday the 11th I started to create all of my app’s art work, using Photoshop as my main tool. I was able to use many techniques I learned from Deke McClelland.

I submitted my app to the App Store on the night of January 11th and it was approved last night. It was very rewarding to set a goal that forced me to reach outside my comfort zone and to achieve it.

I don’t actually consider monetary reward as the basis for success and achievement in this case. I set a goal, created an app that I am really proud of, learned a lot, and achieved that goal. I’ve tried to do this before, actually. I’ve wanted to ship an app for the iPhone ever since the iPhone SDK was announced years ago.

The difference here was lynda.com and, in particular, to the awesome Simon Allardice.

I hope you enjoy the app!


One thought on “ezCalc Now Available”

  1. Nice work, Russ!

    I’m working to better myself as a designer and I will definitely benefit from the links you’ve posted above.

    Keep up the good work.

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