I find it so interesting how so many of my peers in the Microsoft software development arena fail to see the potential of the iPad. Some of the things they have said include:

  • I have notebook computer running my home network.
  • I’m not going to carry my laptop, my phone, AND an iPad.
  • iPad seems anticlimactic; but I sure do love my Windows 7 tablet!! 🙂

Let me just comment quickly on these three (and I could do all 200 that I found, but you have to stop somewhere).

  • Good for you. The iPad isn’t a laptop to run your home network.
  • You’re not supposed to.
  • Seems anticlimactic because you’re not able to see the potential. And by the way, I’m pretty sure I have the exact same Windows 7 tablet you do, and the touch screen is a complete disaster on a machine where two of the five people I know got one 3 months ago have had to send their unit in because the touch screen broke.

To these people I say this:

Just like me, you are not the target customer for the iPad v1. But if you can’t or won’t see the potential of the iPad for the general consumer, I honestly don’t know that anything but 2012 will open your eyes, after it’s had two years to take hold and mature.

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