I've Just About Had it with Hillary.

There are people who follow this stuff a lot closer than I do, but as far as I understand it, ALL democratic candidates agreed that Florida and Michigan’s delegates should not be counted because of what they did with their primary dates (moving them way up).

In addition, ALL candidates removed their names from the Michigan ballot in compliance with rules set forth by the Democratic party. Except for one. Hillary.

A proposed solution in Michigan to have their delegates seated at the convention would give Hillary 59 delegates, Barack 49 delegates, and the 29 super delegates would be able to vote for whoever they wanted. That sure sounds pretty fair to me. But not to Hillary.

I’m tired of her lies. I’m tired of her bending or breaking the rules, the truth and the numbers to try to make it look like she has the lead in popular votes, and I’m tired of her speeches which don’t seem uplifting or promising to me.


8 thoughts on “I've Just About Had it with Hillary.”

  1. I’m going with Barack, and only part of the reason is because I don’t think (based on what I’ve seen of him and read about him) that McCain is qualified or interested to get this country back on the right track after George & Co came so close to destroying it.

  2. Something to keep in mind about Florida is that it was the State Legislature, a predominantly Republican body, is who decided to defy the DNC regarding Primary dates. Had the State Democratic Party decided to defy their National Chairman, it would be one thing. But with all of the hijinx in Floridian politics, you have to believe this was calculated to cause exactly this kind of debacle.

    I’m an Obama man and also wish Sen. Clinton would see the writing on the wall. But I’m not convinced she will.

  3. Justin,

    I would really love to hear why you believe McCain should be president and why you believe Obama should not.

  4. Russ,

    Someone is messing with us here. I didn’t post that “Arr” comment.

    I don’t like either parties candidates. I don’t like Mccain at all. Obama and Clinton are a lot worse though.

    The bottom line is you guys already won. Either way you slice and dice it someone on the left, who is more aligned with your thinking of how the country should be ran, is going to be in the white house. Mccain is not a true republican.

    (I think Mccain is going to definitely beat Obama though. Obama just isn’t seasoned enough. I predict more of the “bitter” and “punished” comments in the future from him. Also, I’ve noticed whenever he speaks off the cuff, rather than rehearsed comments, he doesn’t come off well.)

    Thanks, Justin

  5. Justin,

    I very much appreciate that you don’t like McCain at all. In fact, he is quite different now than he was eight years ago. But I question you statement about the democrats already winning the election. The reason can best be summed up by watching the movie “Hacking Democracy”. I won’t describe it – just watch it.

    Obama has frequently fallen under the umbrella of “not enough experience”. Does being a Governor qualify as “enough experience”? Cuz that’s what George was. And he’s left this country in shambles. That doesn’t automatically mean that Obama is the perfect man for the job, but I will say that my feeling is that he is a soldier of truth and honesty, and I know that the only thing I’m basing that on is a Presidential candidacy. If he does become President, reality will quickly present itself. But I have to tell you – I’m feeling good about him so far.

    Hillary is an opportunist and a liar. Let’s set NAFTA and the other items aside for a moment and deal with the Bosnia thing because that’s by far the most popular example. How does one confuse a friendly landing and meeting a cute little girl with landing under sniping fire and running to her car? It doesn’t add up. And I know you’re not a Hillary supporter, I’m just saying.

    So if you don’t like McCain or Obama or Hillary, do you plan on voting for President? And if so, who will you vote for, if I may ask? And why?

  6. Russ,

    Okay. Let me restate that then. Anyone who has a lefist ideology has already won. That is what we are really talking about when we talk about parties. Is, does their collective beliefs align with mine? I say the left has already won because more people in the democratic party would agree with John Mccain’s beliefs and actions, than people in the republican party.

    I’ve watched several liberal documentaries, and there hasn’t been one that I can’t pick apart easily with logic. However, I’ll try to find that one on Netflix and add it to my list.

    In terms of the experience comment, I made that comment in the context of the presidental race. It wasn’t in the context of whether or not he had enough experience to be the president. It was in the context that he isn’t a seasoned enough politican, and that is why he won’t win against Mccain. I abhor career politicians, which is one more reason why I don’t like Mccain. I think anyone who wants to be the president should have experience in the business world.

    I agree with your comments about Hilary. However, that is how Politicans are. They all do that, and so does Obama. That is why at first he didn’t denounce his preacher, but later he did. He saw the polls and they came to him and said, it’s either denounce this guy strongly, or give up on your dream of being president.

    I’m not sure if I ever told you but I moved to Missouri. It’s usually a tight race in this state. So, I’m taking a wait and see approach. If it’s a really close election, I might vote for Mccain even if it kills me to do so. However, typically in CA I always voted for the Libertarian because the democrat was always going to win CA. I was rooting for Mitt Romney though.

    Also, check out this speech:


    It’s in the book Atlas Shrugged which I love. It’s 1300 or so pages, but I’d suggest taking a look at it.

    Thanks, Justin

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