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I’m very excited to announce that Monday I joined MySpace as a Software Architect.

This is a site that has 200,000,000 members and something like four billion page views a week. I can’t back this up with paperwork, but I’m fairly sure this is one of (if not THE) most visited site on the entire internet. They don’t have hundreds of servers, they have thousands. I’m very much looking forward to learning a lot here and offering whatever I can to the team.

MySpace uses ASP.NET and SQL Server – quite the interesting case study for these technologies. We use Team Foundation Server for source code control. Each contributor uses Visual Studio 2005, and many projects follow an agile methodology called Scrum.

Anyone who is a member and has ideas for new features or functionality is welcome to email me at rnemhauser ( is the domain). PLEASE do not email me with errors or problems. Tom, the first friend any new member has, receives these messages and they ARE read. I’m interested in new, out-of-the-box ideas, no matter how crazy.

Check out my MySpace profile at

4 thoughts on “MySpace & Me”

  1. Now that you’re at MySpace… you have to convince them to do occupational and/or industry targeting. It would be very helpful for my clients!

  2. I’ll be your official liaison – just gimme a little more info so us non-media-peeps know what to do! 😀

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