Xeon Price Cuts: Should I Wait?

According to the following article, Intel is scheduled to reduce prices on its Xeon processors on July 22nd. I was going to buy a Mac Pro in mid July to replace the PowerMac G5 that I just sold, but do you think I should wait a month or so and see if Apple will cut prices on their Mac Pros? Does anyone have an idea of how long it takes Apple to react to price cuts?


Pay-Per-View Videos to Give Way to Ad-Driven Mediums? Huh?

I read the following article about how the video sales from the iTunes music store will peak this year, and how it will give way to ad-driven delivery systems from cable providers. If I understand the article correctly, I have to disagree. I’m not an analyst, nor do I have any idea how frequently these types of reports are right versus wrong. It just strikes me as the exact opposite of what I feel will happen.

I PREFER to pay $9.99 to download and own a movie than to have to deal with advertisements. Even the stuff at the beginning of DVDs (where they lock out the fast forward and skip functions and force you to watch certain things) drives me nuts when I buy one.